Make Ogland part of a mindful future

If you’re like us, you want the very most out of life – for yourself and for your family.

So you insist on a level of quality that goes beyond what you buy or consume to how you actually live and what you believe.

We design our bedding to complement this vision of a future that is sustainable, mindful and holistic.
Quality goods and services

Beautiful design is important to you. But you expect whatever you purchase to be functional, well-made and long-lasting.

You prefer a classic design esthetic that rarely goes out of style and doesn’t constantly need to be updated or replaced.
Quality lifestyle

You try to live in harmony with the environment, rather than at its expense.

You buy products and services that won’t harm you or your family, won’t harm anyone who supplies them, and won’t harm the future of the planet. You want everyone and everything around you to thrive and prosper.
Quality values

You believe in living consciously.
You focus on the essentials, and prioritize what is truly important to you. This allows you to spend more time doing what you like best with the people you love the most.

It’s usually the simple, natural things that give you the most pleasure.

100% Biodynamic Bedding

100% Biodynamic Bedding