We believe exceptional bed linen should give you the best and most luxurious sleep of your life.

It all starts with the finest fabrics and design. Only Ogland offer the Certified Purity of 100% organic Egyptian Giza cotton biodynamically grown and ecologically manufactured using the strictest fair trade practices.


As a young entrepreneur, I was struck by how poor the manufacturing and labor practices of the bedding industry were. I grew up on a biodynamic farm, and I knew that sustainable practices could produce spectacular results. Not only was the food we harvested better for you – and better for the environment – it also tasted better.

So I challenged myself to create the world’s finest bed linens by partnering with the very best cotton-growers and weavers, manufacturers and designers who all shared this same vision of sustainable quality: exceptional bedding that is better for your sleep, better for your body, better for the planet. Together we created Ogland.

We’re absolutely thrilled to offer you a product that is so far ahead of the market in terms of purity and quality

Simon Olsson, Founder and CEO
Sleep in peace,
knowing you haven’t
harmed the planet
but actually
made it a better place.

100% Biodynamic Bedding

100% Biodynamic Bedding